Our prices:

At our cottage, the prices are as follows: 250 lei matrimonial room, 300 lei room with 3 places, 350 lei room with 4 places and 400 lei room with 5 places.

There are price exceptions during holidays, religious fests or special dates announced by us. On these occasions prices will differ, promotions will be announced. Children up to 6 years old are free of charge.

Private parties

To have a successful private party, our lodge will be of great help, providing you a wonderful location, away from curious eyes and also, away from “the ears of the world” – most cell phone operators don`t have a signal up there. The price for parties is negotiable, feel free to come, we kindly await for you.

Other offers:

Special offers including mini vacations, or Easter holidays may appear at any given time. Please revisit our web page, or contact us directly, using the mail address or phone numbers listed under the Contact Section. Thank you!