• Transalpina Ski Resort

The main touristic objective during winter time, is the Transalpina Ski Resort, 15 kilometers away from our lodge. It is the newest ski slope in the country.

During summer time:

The Transalpina road is only 10 kilometers from the cabin.

There are mountain paths for hiking, accessible both during winter and summer time. These lead to the glacial lakes from the Parang: Red Lakes, Calcescu, Green Lakes etc.

You can also hike to the peaks from the Parang cluster, for instance, the Capra Peak.

There is a path that leads to the Hanging Refuge.

The Prislop Monastery is at approximately 50 kilometers, heading to Deva.

The Lainici Monastery is at approximately 30 kilometers, heading to Targu Jiu.

We can organize off road courses, using enduro bikes, ATV`s and snowmobiles during winter.